How to create Appstore or App Sharing Website [Explained]

How to create appstore complete guide
A com­plete guide on How to cre­ate App­store!


These days the idea of app shar­ing stores and web­sites is going through every blog­ger and techie’s mind. But most prob­a­bly you don’t know how you can make a web­site or online store and pro­duce results out of it.

Don’t wor­ry I will share and explain all steps, so you can start your own App­store or App shar­ing web­site. Focus and fol­low all instruc­tions to get your web App­Store ready!

How to Create Appstore/Website?

It’s sim­ple if you know about Word­Press and how to cre­ate Word­Press web­sites. In case you don’t know about Word­Press then you can learn about Word­Press via YouTube, Blogs, and Ude­my cours­es.

You can start your web­site using Blog­ger, Google Web Design­er, Wix, Joom­la, Ghost, and Cus­tom Web­site as an alter­na­tive to Word­Press.

Accord­ing to the lat­est data, approx­i­mate­ly 35% of all web­sites on the inter­net are run­ning on Word­Press. Word­Press is one of the most flex­i­ble plat­form to host a web­site on.

From my own per­son­al expe­ri­ence, I always rec­om­mend Word­Press to every­one who asks me, which plat­form should I use? because their are plen­ty of fea­tures, ben­e­fits, and advan­tages Word­Press has to offer you.

If you have enough mon­ey to spend on your project then I sug­gest you, hire any web devel­op­er to cre­ate a web­site for you and man­age the web­site from the back end.

To hire web devel­op­ers, I rec­om­mend using Fivver, UpWork, Gig­ster, and Top­tal, etc. There are plen­ty of online web devel­op­ers avail­able at afford­able prices.

Skip the “Cre­ate Web­site in Word­Press” part if you are plan­ning to use any oth­er plat­form than Word­Press. But, read the part below about Word­Press Method, it will help you to ide­al­ize.

WordPress Method

Word­Press has the most num­ber of fea­tures, ben­e­fits, and advan­tages com­pared to oth­er web­site builders or sim­ply called web­site plat­forms.

It gives you total con­trol all over your web­site. On Word­Press you can find thou­sands of themes accord­ing to your web­site niche.

Here, we will just focus on Appli­ca­tion Store.

Create Website in WordPress

Cre­ate a Word­Press web­site with a rel­a­tive theme for post­ing Android, Win­dows, or even Mac Apps. Because your web­site must look like a store that pro­vides appli­ca­tions and should not look like a News web­site.

Application Source

As every­thing has it’s ori­gin, you will have to search and find appli­ca­tions from var­i­ous web­sites and google play.

Now, I will tell you how to col­lect these appli­ca­tions and soft­wares for all 3 main plat­forms Android, Win­dows, and Mac.

Sources of Android Apps

If you want to post Android apps then you need to con­vert apps into APK file and upload them into your web­site. You can use tools like Lucky Patch­er and Jasi Patch­er to con­vert Apps into APK.

Alter­nate method is to down­load and re-upload APK files from oth­er APK stores, will be much eas­i­er than fol­low­ing method above.

Sources of Windows and Mac Apps

For Win­dows and Mac Soft­wares you will need to col­lect soft­wares from the offi­cial web­site. Fol­low the steps below:

  1. Go to the offi­cial Soft­ware devel­op­ers web­site
  2. Look for down­load page on the web­site
  3. Down­load the offi­cial set­up
  4. Try to Down­load all pos­si­ble versions/variants

For Exam­ple Check, Quick Heal Total Secu­ri­ty!

Where to Store and Host App Files?

Like­wise, oth­er web­sites and app stores pro­vide down­loads. You will also need to pro­vide down­loads to vis­i­tors of your web­site.

In oth­er words, you will have to host app files so users can down­load them from your web­site or on any third-par­ty web­site wher­ev­er you have uploaded app files.

There­fore, I’m ground­ing you about host­ing apps in two dif­fer­ent meth­ods.

Creating Own Cloud

If you can pay and afford your own servers and host all your files on them to pro­vide down­loads. Then, it’s best for your web­site growth and the user’s expe­ri­ence.

Third-Party File Hostings

In case, you can’t afford paid host­ing. I have an alter­nate solu­tion to solve out host­ing files to pro­vide them for down­loads to your vis­i­tors.

Theme Suggestion and Notes

There are thou­sand Word­Press themes and tem­plates that can work flaw­less­ly with your App Store and will make nav­i­ga­tion from page to page eas­i­ly for users.

Mod­i­fi­ca­tions and edits to theme

Mod­i­fy­ing the theme of web­site can become handy — you can increase page speed, make cus­tom designs and take theme cus­tomiza­tion to it’s poten­tial.

If you are not good enough to make changes to your web­site then, I sug­gest you to ask your web devel­op­er for help and present your design and mod­i­fi­ca­tions.

Theme Suggestion

As I have intro­duced themes, there are the least themes com­plete­ly pos­si­ble to be used as with­out extra mod­i­fi­ca­tions. How­ev­er, you can use any theme and mod­i­fy it for use.

But if you yet look­ing for any ready theme for your App Store then check out the list below:


Before post­ing App files take per­mis­sion from devel­op­ers if required and most of the apps are allowed by devel­op­ers to be post­ed online. It is indi­rect­ly dupli­ca­tion but it’s con­sid­ered as shar­ing because you are not doing some­thing ille­gal.


A com­plete guide to cre­ate App­Store, here’s what you need to know about App­Store Web­sites before you start one, check out all the steps.

In this Arti­cle plat­form of App­Store, Themes, File Host­ing and all you need to start App­Store web­site has been cov­ered.

If some­thing missed or you want to give us feed­back then add your point below in com­ments!

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